It was in the early nineties that Rajratan graduated from the traditional business of Iron & Steel trading and ventured into manufacturing of bead wire for tyres. Automobile boom in India was of course the prime reason behind this futuristic step which was taken after much contemplation. What started with indigenous technology soon upgraded itself into a world-class manufacturing set-up ably backed by a skilled workforce. With the automobile sector flourishing globally, Rajratan saw to it that they not only expanded their existing capacity but also ensured strategic geographic expansion. Rajratan Thailand was a result of this very progressive thought.

Quality, Innovation and Customer Service have been the very basis of existence at Rajratan right from the beginning. This very philosophy has helped Rajratan become the leading manufacturer and supplier of bead wire in India and also the only manufacturer of bead wire in Thailand. With a comprehensive group production capacity the company has earned a reputation of being one of the most trusted and preferred brand around the globe.

Corporate AV

Outperform – It is our philosophy, a whole new way of being and doing.

It is something that gets us out of bed every single day and inspires us to be better than what we were yesterday.

It is our inner voice that speaks to us, that stares us in the eyes and tells us “I am better than that.”

Outperform is about scaling heights we have set for ourselves and discovering newer ways of breaching benchmarks and setting new ones.

It is about action, about thinking and believing.

Believing with every cell, every ounce of us, that we will do better. That we will rise beyond ourselves…that we will outperform.

And this is our calling !

To become the leading and most preferred bead wire manufacturer & supplier to tyre companies, globally.

To manufacture and supply superior quality products at competitive prices and support it with excellent customer service.
To imbibe and constantly develop a culture of excellence and improvement in every aspect of the business we are in.
To ensure and enhance safe working conditions for all concerned.

Ethical business built on mutual trust.
Quality orientation and constant innovation.
Continuous learning and personal growth.
To care for and share with the society we live in.

We take pride in the fact that at Rajratan Group, our employees have always been our greatest differentiators. Our team-mates are in fact our greatest asset who share and believe in all our dreams as a Company. At Rajratan Group, the single-minded goal has always been to maximize individual potential, expand professional opportunities and strengthen our principles and culture as a Group that lives by its ethics and thrives on excellence. Our intention and inclination is always directed towards contributing generously to the greater good of our employees, stakeholders and society at large.


It is said that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. That is a philosophy we at Rajratan Group firmly believe in. To care for and share with the society we live in. For us, it has been an exercise very close to our heart right from the beginning. Over the years we have undertaken a host of social activities in and around our manufacturing facilities in India and Thailand. Activities which bring about a constructive change in the lives of the people associated with us, directly or indirectly. Be it providing health facilities or spreading healthcare education or any other initiative for the welfare of the society, we have undertaken it with all our heart and are resolved to continue it in the years to come.