High Carbon Steel Wire Leaflet1
High carbon steel wire is popularly known as black wire. It is a drawn steel wire which is manufactured from quality wire rods with high carbon content. With a wide range of usage, black wire plays a vital role in many industries from automobile and construction to engineering industries. At Rajratan, we manufacture high carbon steel wire in our state-of-the-art plants and employ world-class patented heat treatment processes. The high carbon steel wire we manufacture are of two Grades :
1. Spring / Rope grade confirming to Grade I, II & III.

2. Rolling quality / flattening quality grade.

Mechanical & Physical Properties :
• Wire Diameter         • Casting                       • Residual Torsion        • Bend
• Torsion                     • Tensile Strength        • Breaking Load            • Elongation

Standards followed for different product range :
Spring – IS 4454      • Wire Rope – IS 1835      • Wire Rope & Conveyor Belt – BS EN 10264-2


Rajratan’s high carbon steel wire is high performance, high durability wire and is generally used in the following applications :

Mechanical Spring
High Performance Spring
Mattress Spring & Lacing Wire
Hose Reinforcement
Bedding & Seating
Wire Rope & Cable
Conveyor Belt
Automotive Cable - Outer and Inner
Steel Fibre
Cut Wire Shot for Shot Blasting & Pinning
Product Range
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